Sonic branding


At Modern Day Composers, we understand that every Sonic Branding project is unique, because every brand, company or LIVE event is different. We always set out a custom roadmap for every new client. However, we offer these three packages as guidelines:


  1. Project Production

You need a single audio track or sound logo to lift your brand, project, or campaign. We visit your location with our state-of-the-art mobile music studio and create a custom production based on your input. After completing the composition to your satisfaction, we finish the project and your music is ready to represent your brand.


  1. Multi-Purpose Production

We engage in a conversation about your brand and determine the sound we are aiming for. Depending on your objectives we can establish a sonic identity and create sound logos, tracks, and / or compositions for all types of purposes. We then advice you on how to use your new sonic tools most effectively.


  1. Full Implementation and Strategy

Just as in our Multi-Purpose Production, we speak extensively about what makes your brand unique. Then we establish your sonic identity and develop a complete long-term strategy. This entails creation, implementation, and evaluation of multiple sonic tools. By constantly pointing out new opportunities and possibilities, the benefits to your organization are exponential.


What is Sonic Branding?

When presenting yourself to today’s media-savvy generation, adding perfectly complimentary sound to your media outings is a basis for successful communication. Modern Day Composers’ Sonic Branding captivates your target audience by repeatedly playing them custom made sounds, compositions, or tracks. Media moments, presentations, brand events, online and direct marketing campaigns; the list of possible applications is endless. Just as with a visual logo, your community will subconsciously connect with your brand through enjoying your very own, highly recognizable music. We call this your Sonic Identity.


Effective producers

All our composers are renowned producers in their respective genres. Due to the wide range of sonic flavors and styles we offer, your custom production will always transmit exactly the kind of message you want to send.


Custom Music Composition

Music is the only truly universal form of human communication. Where language and most images require interpretation, music and sound go straight to the heart. Our Modern Day Composers live for this feeling. More importantly, they know how to translate it into effective forms of Sonic Branding.


Every sonic branding assignment is unique and deserves a custom approach. We offer all types of services; from single dedicated projects to long-term sonic strategies. Please contact to find out what sonic branding can do for your organization.