How does it work?

We enter every project with an open mindset, because making custom music requires a customized process. There are a few important markers though.

First we explore what you are looking for. Then we present our ideas and find the right producer for the job.

After you share your feedback in one or more rounds of drafts, we deliver your demo.

We then test and, only when everybody involved feels confident, finalize your custom music.

Now you are ready to launch. We monitor how your audience reacts to your track and closely follow online and offline impact.


Why the strong focus on electronic music?

Electronic music is fresh, energetic, colorful, and most importantly, it appeals strongly to many generations and demographics. A bonus advantage is our flexibility. We don’t need an expensive recording studio and lots of people to create a message that your audience will hear loud and clear.


What if I want something different?

Of course we offer producers that excel at working with musicians and vocalists, if an organic human touch is what your project needs. Please ask for references or simply contact us to discuss possibilities if this is something you feel you would be interested in.


Why custom music?

First of all: having your own sounds, tunes, or tracks; how cool is that?? Your message wrapped in the perfect song or melody sets you apart from the competition, it makes you you!

Your audience will appreciate the effort and feel you are taking your business, and therefore them, seriously.

Having your own sounds also means you can use them as you choose. If you work with previously released music, you’ll have to honor licensing deals that can be quite restrictive and costly.


How many producers do you work with?

Our star team of music professionals consists of around 10 producers. We find that this number makes us agile enough to take on any project, without losing our personal feel. Apart from our pool of trusted regulars, we’re connected to the best music talent thanks to our strong connection with electronic music scenes in Amsterdam and around the world.


Can I book a famous artist to make my custom sound?

We feel that it’s more important to find you a producer with the style, skills, and experience to deliver the perfect sound for your project. Yes, we do work with big names if the project demands so. Keep in mind though that fees might rise exponentially because you’ll have to compete with what this level of artist makes with touring or other projects.


Is custom music expensive?

With us you’ll pay a studio fee and a license fee based on duration, territory, and type of use. Custom music is usually pricier than stock sounds, but MDC is extremely competitive when looking at the market. We can honestly say we deliver top quality at realistic prices.

Don’t forget that using well-known, previously released music will definitely burden your project or brand with astronomical license fees and restraining conditions. Our license fee is determined after the first briefing: no surprises, no sudden additional expenses.


Is a sonic identity a good investment?

Having your own custom sound allows your target group to recognize and remember your brand through their ears. Through repetition we imprint association, which offers you endless recall, long-term consistency, and passionate emotional engagement. People’s ears are always open, so to us this sounds like a good investment.


How do I know that sonic identities work?

The proof is all around us. When you start a computer blindfolded, you’ll know it’s an Apple or Windows system because you’ll recognize the start up tune. If you’re abducted and taken to Disneyland, you’ll know where you are when you hear It’s A Small World. As soon as that thrilling violin part of the opening tune starts, you know you’re watching James Bond. And if we were to put a sound system in the middle of Time Square and loudly play “Pa da pa pa paaaa, I’m loving it”, a big percentage of the people present will suddenly realize they’re in the mood for a Big Mac.

If the biggest brands in the world use sonic strategy, and you can now afford to do so too, why pass on such a powerful tool?


What about the rights to my custom music?

You can license your new custom music for as long as you want. Projects can have different legal approaches. As soon as we know the specifics of your project, we’ll gladly explain the legal ramifications. In general, we always aim for flexibility on your side and security for our producers.


How do I know what sound I need?

Our clients normally know what they sound like quite well, at least better than they think. We guide and ask questions to get to know you, your brand and your objectives. Usually there are pretty clear signs that we’re on the right track. Eyes start shining, and people start smiling and moving to the music. Of course, knowing your target audience gives us an enormous advantage during this process.


Can I see more work?

Of course! Let us know what kind of project you’re working on and we’ll send you related material that will convince you to work with us.


Any references?

Sure! Tell us which WORK you like best and we’ll hook you up.


Other questions?

Do you have any other questions or would you like to talk in person about what custom electronic music and a sonic identity can do for you? Contact Rogier and get together!